The Flight Crew

How it works:

Nominate your friend (and yourself) to the NL Leadership and Ambassador Program here. 

Who are we looking for?

No Limit is looking for student-athletes who demonstrate leadership potential in all aspects of their lives — from school to the gym, and even at home — to join The Flight Crew our 5 month Leadership and Ambassador Program. Any game day or all star cheerleader in high school or college is welcome to apply!


What makes a leader?

A leader isn’t always someone with the captain’s title, or top of every class and center flyer. A leader is someone who’s doing the work when no one’s watching; who doesn’t need to be asked to do the right thing, to go the extra mile, or to try again and go one more time.

A true leader is the one who inspires others to follow their lead through their actions. 

It’s always better with someone

Why do we want you and a friend? Because experiences are always better with friends!

While the No Limit Leadership and Ambassador Program is not heavily time intensive, there are certain activities that would be easier completed in pairs.  

what do you get

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