No Limit Sportswear and GlitterStarz Inc Renew Strategic Partnership for 2021-2022 Event Season

No Limit Sportswear and GlitterStarz Inc announced a strategic partnership in 2018. All GlitterStarz Team Stylists are also sales reps for No Limit Sportswear. Teams can bundle uniforms and shoes together to complete a branded look and receive the best value available on custom uniforms and athletic footwear.

"Our customers love customization, and No Limit understands that. From a gym owner's perspective, being able to outfit athletes bow to toe with one simple phone call is their top priority. Our partnership with No Limit enables us to serve the industry in a way we couldn't before. We can't wait to step into this event season with a renewed partnership with our favorite shoe company." -Liz Scumaci, President of GlitterStarz

In the 2021-2022 season, GlitterStarz will continue to sponsor coaches rooms and athlete parties. No Limit will be joining The Glow Tour and will make an appearance at some of the stops on the GlitterStarz "Spread The Sparkle Tour".

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